Choosing The Right Toilet

by Michael Metcalfe May 04, 2020 2 min read

Author: Michael Metcalfe - Director

 Back-to-Wall Toilets

The name says it all. With this type of toilet, the part of the toilet that you sit on is pushed against the bathroom wall. The cistern – usually sold separately – is typically located within a false wall, concealing the unsightly pipes that come with plumbing. Another popular option for a back-to-wall toilet is to use a w.c furniture unit to hide the cistern from view. With this option, a push-button is fitted for flushing. This toilet is a neat solution for maximising space in a small bathroom. These toilets come in various styles and with matching hand basins to complete a sleek, modern look.

Back to wall toilet with cistern in false wall

Back to wall toilet using a WC unit

Close-Coupled Toilets

In a close-coupled toilet, the cistern is located on top and at the back of the toilet pan (the bit you sit on) and flushes straight into the bowl. This type of toilet is the most popular as it gives a contemporary fresh look to the bathroom. Previously, cisterns were hung above the level of the toilet pan on the wall. This is not the case any longer. With new designs, the fitting of a cistern on top of the pan makes your toilet more compact and pleasing to the eye. A close-coupled toilet with a matching basin and pedestal makes a great aesthetic impact in your bathroom. 


Close coupled toilet

Wall Hung Toilets

If you like the idea of a modern designer look in your bathroom, a wall-hung toiletis a great choice (and my personal favourite). The toilet pan is hung on the bathroom wall with an easy-to-access flush panel. As in a back-to-wall toilet, the cistern and unsightly plumbing pipes are concealed within a false wall. These toilets not only make great use of the space but, they are also extremely easy to clean. You don’t need to worry about the toilet falling off the wall either, these toilets are designed to withstand over 30 stone in weight so you can rest assured they are completely safe.

Wall Hung Toilet


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