Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Furniture

by Michael Metcalfe May 04, 2020 4 min read

Furniture Size and Orientation for your bathroom design ideas.

Before you begin to look at the different types of bathroom furniture, you need to make sure the items you want will fit neatly into your room. Measurements of the room are very important, along with the locations of any utilities such as mains water and power supplies. Imagine the layout in your mind, or have a plan drawn if needed as you think about your great bathroom design ideas.

Large units will look stylish and give you more storage but, remember that large is not always best. The saying ‘less is more’ is quite appropriate a lot of the time when you’re planning your dream bathroom. You will want to ensure that walkways are clear. Remember to check things such as door openings and their protrusion into the room to ensure that they do not clash with each other and that all storage remains accessible. Having a smaller bathroom or a cloakroom does not mean having to miss out on furniture in your bathroom. Space-saving options such as Slimline units, Wall-hung storage cabinets and cloakroom basin and toilet units will provide much-needed storage in the smallest of spaces.

Furniture Style

You can choose from three broad styles of Bathroom Furniture namely Traditional, Modern and Contemporary.

Traditional Bathroom Furniture: comes in classic old-fashioned, antique styles and is great to create a period-themed bathroom.

Modern bathroom furniture: Designed with the modern-day consumer in mind and comes in sharper, sleeker designs.

Contemporary bathroom furniture: Constantly changing to reflect the best-selling designs of present-day trends. 


Furniture Shape and Colour

Bathroom furniture comes in many shapes, from round sink units, curved vanity unitsand basins, corner vanity units and much more. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your personal preference. Bathroom furniture comes in colours such as white, black and grey but also has various striking variants such as the high-gloss grey, white, and wooden bathroom suites. Make sure that when you are choosing your colour you keep in mind what tiles you have chosen and also what colour towels you plan on having in the future – it’s always good to have things matching to create that perfect look.


Furniture Assembly and Fitting

All our bathroom furniture comes pre-assembled and it is shipped to the address of your choice. This ensures a damage-free and speedier setup, saving you hours of your time. Free standing furniture is easy to install and most of the time only requires screwing to the wall, however for fitted furniture, we recommend using the services of a competent tradesman.

Different Types of Bathroom Furniture

Vanity Units

A vanity unit consists of a piece of furniture with a basin installed on top. The main advantage of a bathroom vanity unit over a traditional hand basin and pedestal is that the you get storage in the way of drawers or cupboards underneath. This helps keep your bathroom clean and sleek, hiding all of those unsightly shampoo bottles out of sight

Vanity units come in a huge variety of styles and types.

  1. A basin vanity unit is a freestanding unit, with the washbasin set on top. The unit usually comprises a set of drawers or a small cabinet, making it especially useful for extra storage.  
  2. Slimline vanity units are ideal for smaller bathrooms, while corner vanity unitsare perfect for those bathrooms with awkward floor plans. For a busy bathroom, a vanity unit with double basins means you no longer have to share your sink with the other half 😊
  3. Wall hung vanity units are exactly what is says, hung on the wall. These are great for giving a modern look to a room and they are also very easy to keep clean
  4. Finally, Combination vanity units, combine a basin vanity unit and w.c unit to create a compact and sleek finish, they are ideal for the main bathroom where space is a premium, or for those that desire neat bathroom furniture. 


Back To Wall Toilet Unit

A W.C unit is a great addition to a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom, giving an utterly modern style and feel. The Back to wall cabinets in these units hide the toilet cistern and all of the unsightly plumbing inside the furniture itself. This not only gives an extra storage shelf behind the toilet pan but can instantly create a contemporary look for your bathroom.  Installing a W.C Unit also makes the installation of a back-to-wall-toilet much easier as the cistern does not have to be installed in a false wall, meaning your bathroom is back up and running without delay.  

Storage Cabinets

When designing your bathroom suite, storage may take less priority over aesthetics. However, storage is extremely important and there is a variety of storage cabinet options to choose from

Floor standing storage cabinets and Wall-hung storage cabinetsare by far the most popular choice for bathroom storage. At Blue Sky Bathrooms we offer floor standing storage units that may have open shelves for storage, have multiple drawers or come with shelves hidden behind a small cabinet door.  

There are also Illuminated Mirrors that serve the dual function of providing both storage and a mirror. These cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes to suit your bathroom needs. We offer a wide range of stunning Mirrored bathroom cabinets so do check out our collection.

A few final points to remember when choosing bathroom furniture

  1. Consider your bathroom style, design, current and future needs, and budget in deciding the right bathroom furniture for your requirements
  2. Be on the lookout for furniture bundling options as they can help you create a stylish look while being cost-effective
  3. Hire a competent tradesman for having complicated items fitted to ensure a clean, professional look and to avoid any accidental damage .

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