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TM25 Low Profile Shower Trays

If you prefer the Classic look of a wetroom with a Linear outlet, this is the range for you.

Like the Symmetryrange, the Linear has been designed for a broad range of users. It’s flush to floor entry, flat surface and flush fitting waste cover combine to minimise hazardous trip areas for young children and older people. Smart water technology allows surplus water to be drawn from the surface preventing puddling and minimising the risk of slipping on soapy deposits.  It also allows the tray to appear almost flat when fitted flush to the floor giving that all important wetroom look.  The waste cover has also been designed to be fully load bearing which combined with smart surface technology gives easy access to wheelchair users. Unique to the range is smart water capture technology enabling it to draw water from the tiny waste outlet at up to 30 litres per minute. Everything has been considered, even the waste cover has been designed to minimise the possibility of  damaging ‘tiny toes’. Like the symmetry, it is a breakthrough in shower tray design offering the smart modern look of a wetroom for all the family but without the associated costs and fitting challenges. It is simply fitted as a shower tray, no tanking or waterproofing is required.  Every aspect of it’s ground breaking design benefits from the smart water technology that allows it to function as well as it looks.

Unique Smart Technology

Also featured in the Symmetryranges, our Virtual flat surface technology allows the tray to appear almost flat whilst leaving minimal water or soap deposits during showering.  Through advanced design, liquid is drawn from the surface and delivered at the correct velocity to a capture chamber beneath the waste cover. This ensures that the vortex waste unit is fed at the optimum rate allowing it to function at up to an incredible 30 litres per minute, keeping excess water and soap deposits to an absolute minimum.  The waste unit has no moving parts and is entirely self- cleaning making this technology extremely reliable, much reducing the possibility of blockages.

Smart Micro Water Capture Technology

Unique to the Linear is our micro water capture technology. Because of its striking design, the ultra -narrow rectangular waste grid has a very small drainage aperture.  To allow the tray to drain at up to 30 litres per minute, water is collected in the tiny capture chamber and accelerated as it enters the vortex waste trap.  Although only half of the size of the capture chamber in the Symmetry range, the Linear is capable of drawing water from it’s surface at almost the same rate.  

It took over 2 years for us to develop these revolutionary and unique technologies. Like much great design, the simplest of forms mask the true level of thought and understanding that lie behind them.