Vitra S50 Range

All the products in the Vitra S50 collection are designed to combat challenges emerging from a lack of sufficient operative area in smaller bathrooms. Another facet to this approach produces the sophisticated art of customizing albeit in considerable numbers to accommodate the needs of individual consumers and simultaneously procure better-organised facilities for the public in general or in specific establishments that may be involved in commercial activities; thus the idea transcends across all social settings. The products offered in this range are highly professional and would work not just in a functional sense but uplift the aesthetic quality of the decor in your bathroom by shaping contours in a manner oriented explicitly towards smoothening. The designs are anchored in a tradition of durable engineering, which can be depended upon for years to follow. Adaptable to all kinds of bathroom environments the S50 range is capable of delivering a sound and hygienic solution. This range comprises of designer bathroom units, basins, toilets, bathroom cabinets and furniture.