Nuance Decorative Wall Panels

Nuance gives you all the benefits of a wall panel without many of the issues associated with other panelling systems

  • Quicker and easier to fit than tiles
  • Easy maintenance
  • Almost invisible joins - no need for joining or finishing strips
  • 100% waterproof - Unlike other boards that have a wood core which can swell if compromised
  • Choice of sizes
  • Many luxurious finish options that mimic the look and texture of natural stone and marble
  • versatile design possibilities
  • Postformed edges - no need for unsightly finishing strips
  • Works perfectly with a flush fitting shower tray to create a wet room area

...oh, and did we mention how good it looks

Nuance panels give real flexibility to shape the perfect bathroom

Postformed panels and standard tongue and groove panels can be linked together to create walk-in wet rooms and work well with larger shower enclosures. And you can now finish the wall wherever you please with the versatile 160mm finishing panel.

Postformed Panels

These panels are post formed (curved) on one edge to create a smart, easy clean finish. There is no need for finishing strips.

Finishing Panel

These 160mm panels allow you to finish a run of tongue and groove panels both vertically and horizontally with a neat post formed edge instead of using extrusions/finishing strips

Tongue & Groove Panels


These panels are for use in the middle of a run of panels, they have tongue and groove both edges to create watertight seals with the neighbouring panels.


Feature Panels

With 2 pre-finished edges, these panels are ideal for use behind a WC or basin and pedestal for a simple waterproof solution with style