Aqualisa Q Smart Divert Concealed With Adjustable And Fixed Wall Heads

Digital bath shower mixer Q

Crafted with high quality materials, Q was designed with individuality and style in mind.
Whether you prefer to make a style statement, unwind after a workout or do your bit for the environment, Q™ is designed to fit around you.

Worried about your children staying in the shower too long? Q™ allows you to set a timer to turn the water off after a set amount of time.

Q™ will deliver a precision shower performance and temperature every time.

Customise and save your favourite shower or bath, so that you can return to it with the push of a lever.
This beautifully simple shower offers convenience and elegance, and the range of colour accents allows you to customise Q™ to compliment any bathroom, with stylish Stardust Silver coming as standard.
Configure your bath outlet to be able to record and save your preferred water depth – now every family member can have personalised bathing bliss.

Eco conscious

If you are eco conscious, you will be able to save water as you shower with Q™’s unique proximity sensor technology. With ‘Water Save’, flow is automatically reduced when you step away from the proximity sensor - when you move back in front of the sensor, it will resume its original flow.
*Please note that this feature is not compatible with Combi Water Systems.

Your personalised shower experience
At the heart of Q™ lies ‘My Q’, which gives you the ability to choose from a range of pre-set experiences that we have created for you. ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Family’ come pre-set, but there is also the option to create and save your own showering experiences with your unique combinations of temperature, outlet, flow and duration. Repeat that perfect shower experience every time!

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