Aqualisa Quartz Divert Concealed With Adjustable Head And Bath Overflow

Digital bath shower mixer Quartz

The iconic Quartz still sets the standard for simple and intuitive control that consistently delivers a unique showering experience at the touch of a button. As the shower that launched a brand new showering experience back in 2001, Quartz™ remains the best known digital shower in the UK

With our integral Gravity Pumped version, you will enjoy a true power showerexperience.

With all Aqualisa Digital showers, hot and cold water are blended with precision in our smart valve which is located up to 10 metres away from the showering area – commonly in the loft, the airing cupboard or under the bath. This provides precise, temperature perfect showering every time!

Luxury at your fingertips - to take an indulgent bath, pop in the plug, press the button and your digital bath shower mixer will deliver beautifully blended, family safe water for a perfect bath. Added bonus? No taps for an uncluttered bathing area.

The generous 105mm Harmony shower head, available in the dual outlet option, features 4 spray patterns, including an eco-setting which can produce up to 25% off water savings without compromising your showering experience.

A digital remote control is a luxurious and practical addition, which can be fitted at any height and up to 10 metres from your Quartz™ smart valve. This simple remote allows you to turn your shower on before entering.

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