Redroom Elan Electric Straight

Redroom By Barwick Elan Straight Electric Designer Radiator

This wall mounted radiator efficiently heats your bathrooms through a wired heating element, is easy to install and will heat your towels, even when the central heating is turned off.

Product Information:

  • Available in a number of sizes - Please see 'Additional Information'
  • Chrome finish
  • Wall mounted design
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Wire heating element
  • Heats towels even when central heating is off
  • Redroom 5 Year Guarantee

Additional Information:

Product Code Size (mm) Watts BTU
RPBCZE080040F 810 x 400 150W 512
RPBCZE090050F 810 x 500 200W 682
RPBCZE120050F 1252 x 500 200W 682
RPBCZE120060F 1252 x 600 300W 1024
RPBCZE180050F 1891 x 500 400W 1365
RPBCZE180060F 1891 x 600 500W 1706

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