Sensio Linia Profile

This profile fits flush for a minimalist look. Choose from our range of LED Flexible Strips and Sensors to create the perfect solution for you.

> Perfect for use under kitchen cabinets, inside larders or inside wardrobes.

> The ultimate discreet lighting solution.

> Create the perfect task lighting or convenience lighting by selecting the LED flexible strip light with the required output or effects.

> Use with one of our in cabinet sensor switches when using inside a larder or cabinet so the light comes on as the door opens and switches off as the door is closed.

> The profile is extremely slim to create the ultimate discreet lighting solution.

> Aluminium profile with a frosted cover.

> A versatile solution as both the profile and flexible strip can be cut to length.

> Butt lengths together for longer runs.

For use in bathrooms

> Use them with IP flexible strip lighting to offer additional protection and create a stunning focal point. 

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